Best Practices Consulting

The Xerox Litigation Services consulting team provides expert services that enable you to develop defensible best practices in e-discovery. When you need to plan a proactive e-discovery strategy for your corporation or firm, or are faced with a particularly demanding case, turn to this team of experts for litigation support.

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E-Discovery Services

The correct use of E-discovery services should be a major priority for every corporation or firm. With our services, you can keep your corporation or firm safe and sound.

Electronic Discovery Challenges

It is not uncommon to find some challenges in the realm of Electronic Discovery, such as privacy and regulatory issues, litigations, investigations and compliance matters. We can help you overcome these challenges.

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Hosted Review Platform

The Xerox Litigation Services platform is designed for ease of use and backed by industry-leading infrastructure. You can access your data at any time and be reassured by the strict security protocols we have in place.

Data Processing

To ensure accurate and thorough data processing, each stage is managed by a separate individual and the accuracy of work is verified with automated checks. Before a file is advanced to the next stage in the processing pipeline, it undergoes peer review and sign-off.


Xerox Litigation Services offers production in various formats, including TIFF, PDF and/or native files. Production history is tracked
for each file and across cases
to ensure defensibility

We Can Support Through Every Stage Of Electronic Discovery

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