Your Document Review is in Good Hands with OmniX
OmniX is a powerful cloud-based review and analysis platform offered as a managed service. It is ideal for law firms and corporate legal departments that want a fully outsourced solution for specific cases or their entire litigation portfolio. No investment in hardware or software, maintenance or scaling of any kind are required–we take care of all that for you, along with 24×365 processing, review management, production support, project management and client services.

Features and Benefits

  • Manage secure, multi-party access with multi-tiered user hierarchies down to the document level
  • Access a complete audit trail with automated checklists, peer validation and document-level reporting
  • Search using Boolean, proximity, exact phrase, relational, clustering and concept searching
  • Phonetically search, filter and review audio and video files
  • Apply redactions to native files, including Microsoft Excel™ files–without interruption to workflow or the need to TIFF or OCR
  • Quickly redact documents using automated and inverse redaction functionality
  • Instantly identify what languages a document contains–more than 115 languages are supported
  • Review and annotate documents in TIFF, PDF, HTML and native applications with highlighting, annotations, redaction and coding capabilities
  • Streamline workflow with OmniX Review Manager and automate document batching and distribution to monitor review progress
  • Automate document prioritization with integrated CategoriX technology-assisted review
  • Manage multiple matters on a single site
  • Receive additional support with managed review and consulting expertise